Frequently asked questions

What Payment options are avalible?

We currently accept ; credit cards through the website or e-transfer to

When going shopping how much will I need to spend on my new wardrobe?

This is a question we get asked a lot! And it’s one that’s really hard to answer because everyone’s budget is so different. The most important thing to know is that we will work with YOUR budget – be that modest, generous or something in between. We will only take you to stores that fit within your budget – we will not take you to retailers outside of your budget. The best way to know if your budget and your session outcomes align is to simply tell us what you have to spend, and we’ll let you know where we can shop to get you what you want.

How far do I have to go shopping?

We travel all over Toronto, GTA, Kingston, and surrounding citys. If travel exceeds more than 30kms one way, additional charges apply. Please contact us for a quote.

What ages are your clients?

The age of Selenite Shopping clientele ranges significantly- thus far, they range from 13 to 72 years of age. We work with a lot of women in their late 30’s and early 40’s who have either left the workforce to start their families or are juggling part time work with family life. Whilst this demographic makes up a lot of our client base, we also work with university students, executives, retirees, young professionals entering the workforce, trades people, business owners… but all women.

Do I have to have a Wardrobe Consult before Personal Shopping?

Booking a Wardrobe Consult prior to a Personal Shopping trip is not essential but we reccomend it because it does allow us to assess what you already have, understand your personal style and get to know you. This information in turn helps us to plan your shopping trip effectively because we can determine your personal needs. But if you feel that you don’t have enough in your wardrobe to warrant a full Wardrobe Edit (or really need to start from scratch!!) or don’t have the budget to book both services, we are simply a call or text away.

Whats the diffrence between Personal Shopping and Event Shopping?

Event Shopping is an service we aim to complete through a zoom call discussing the event, followed by online shopping or in an person trip. It is designed to cater to your individual needs- for us to find what you need. Simple. The Personal Shopping is an all day expirence designed for your entore wardobe. You pay a flat fee and pay for whatever clothing purchased.

Whats the diffrence between a Style Consultaion and Wardrobe Consultation?

The Style Consultation is an hourly service. You may want to discuss tips for dressing for your shape, ideas on where to shop for your style and budget, ideas on what’s in fashion and what suits you, advice on special occasion dressing or colours. The Style Consultation is really a sit down chat during which lots of notes are taken and written up for you in a personal Style Plan, which is emailed to you following the appointment. The Wardrobe Consultation is a thorough, in-depth look through your wardrobe which generally takes up to 3 hours in your home. This allows time to try on things from your wardrobe so that we can accurately advise you on what suits your shape. While focusing on the clothes you already have, we can also advise you on any gaps, suggest different ways to combine your existing pieces, organise your wardrobe space and give you suggestions on where to shop. Like the Style Consultation, all the advice, style tips and body shape ‘rules’ are written up and provided to you in a personal Style Plan. The Wardrobe Consultation is a very personal service which will sort out your wardrobe and leave you feeling confident about your body shape and style.

How far in advance do I need to book my  appointment?

Weekdays appointments, including weeknights, can usually be made within 2-3 weeks. Weekend appointments (Saturdays) are very popular so it’s advisable to book at least 4-5 weeks in advance. Text to stylist allows 24/hour acess to your stylist, with this, your stylist will help with everything but if the stylist is required to travel an extra charge will be laid on top of your subsribtion