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Wardrobe Consultants

When you open the closet, often like opening a full fridge when hungry, and although you are staring at a wardrobe full of clothing, you see nothing. 


Keeping a wardrobe organized can be overwhelming. There comes a time in one's life when a wardrobe no longer serves you in that moment. As your closet evolves throughout the years, it can become staggering and incohesive bringing a sense of chaos.

As selenite does, allow us to pour light into your wardrobe!


A wardrobe consultation can help alleviate the stress of an unorganized closet. Together, we will schedule time to offer you our comprehensive wardrobe editing skills. It is important when reorganizing a wardrobe for it to be user friendly and cohesive to your own personal use.  


The process of getting rid of items can be intimidating. It is also not always easy to part with clothing that we once loved. We promise to never discard anything without your permission. The items we do discard can be donated to our closet to get reworked or sold to local consignment. Out with the old, in with the new: we will suggest new additions that will work with your lifestyle and complement pieces that you already own. But this service is not with that goal.


The end goal is to leave your wardrobe clean, organized, and reinspired. We want your closet to become purposeful and exciting. Best of all, we will put in place a system that will be easy for you to maintain.


Before we come to your home, we would love to meet with you to talk about your wardrobe needs and challenges over zoom or a coffee.

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Personal Shopping

What percentage of the clothing in your wardrobe are you actually wearing?

What’s stopping you from wearing the rest?

Does your clothing compliment your silhouette?

Are you getting the highest quality pieces for your budget?

Does your clothing represent the life you want?

Do you know where to shop for you body type?

Do you get overwhelmed by all the clothing options out their today?


If you don’t have the answers to all these questions or even two of them, Selenite Shopping is your answer. Choosing change takes courage, your personal wardrobe is the easiest first step.


We live in a world of fashion media overload. You are told blindly what to wear and what looks best on social media, it’s easy to get caught up in style trends. Often what media promotes isn’t realistic for the average consumer and most likely will not flatter everyone, one size fits all is not this. For example, the average dress size of a woman in North America is 14. With our help, you will be looking your best, and will be able to compete with the pages of any fashion magazine or fashion focused social media platform.


Allow us to help you organise a functional , complimentary wardrobe that complements your individual sense of style and life. Creating a work wardrobe that is comfortable, modern, professional. It’s not meant to be a topic of conversation, but an assurance of your personality and competence representing your commitment to your career and it’s growth.​


We will spend hours at a vintage store, H&M or Channel. Budget, age, preference are not our concern. Wanting to dress in a way that best represents you is.

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Our App

A direct link from you to your stylist and to all the parts of your subscription

We are working on building  our personalised application with Google and Apple but until production is complete please download the app Spaces  and Join Our Community 


Our Closet

Our closet is a space of sustainable clothing.

When cleaning out closets we will give you the option of

1. giving the clothing back into the community through a clothing bank/drive/store

2. give clothing to a family member or friend

3. if not in wearable condition, we will take the fabric to our seamstress and have it reworked into a new item or items

4. donate to our closet

We will help you wash the clothing and separate it

We will also be open to donations once a month. 


Our Closet is a place where you can text your stylist about an outfit you need and your stylist will match you with the best options to rent. Once we believe clothing has lived an adventurous life and needs a forever home we will sell reworked items to clients or donate them.

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Dress your Man

Do you and your man have a hot date Saturday night and you’re both not sure what to wear?

Is your man’s birthday coming up and you’re not sure what to get him?

Do you just want to help your man get out of his sweatpants?

We have you covered.

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Vintage and Neighbourhood Shopping

Follow our Youtube, Instagram and Tiktok for the latest Toronto stores, tips and tricks on how to shop vintage and what it means to live sustainably when it comes to clothing.


Vintage shopping is a way to find unique and one of a kind pieces. It gives your own style character and a story. The variety of styles you can find within your local vintage shop can be quite surprising. From jackets to tops, if you dig deep enough you can find a whole new wardrobe for an affordable price. If you’re lucky, you may even find designer brand names amongst the racks in the store. Although there may be a tear or the item looks worn in, those little flaws are what makes a vintage item so compelling. Overall vintage shopping is a great way to find new fashionable pieces that speak to you. It may even tempt you to go out of your comfort zone when it comes to fashion. 


More than elevating your own style, second hand/ vintage shopping has a huge impact on the environment, economy, and consumerism. Buying vintage can help lower the demand for fast fashion and overproduction of clothing. Since the clothing already exists and has had a life of its own, buying vintage means no new resources and no energy wasted. To make just one pair of jeans approximately 1,800 gallons of water is needed. Moreover buying vintage puts money back into your local economy. Usually thrift stores have multiple vendors so in turn you will be supporting them. If you shop from a chain thrift store, they will donate a portion of their proceeds to a charity. That in itself can create a change locally and globally. 

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